Jack Grisham

Hey Kids! Thanks for stopping by. This page is a place where you—and I, can keep track of what I’m up to. There’s a tab around here for pretty much anything I’m involved in but if you have an idea for an activity that I’m missing please let me know. I have an ex-friend who once said that my headstone should be emblazoned with the line, “he just couldn’t keep still.” I’m not sure about that but if I’m not up to something I feel like I’m dying—as if the world is rolling by without me. Chaucer wrote that, “idleness is the root of mischief” but I disagree—idleness is the prelude to death—for if a man become stagnant and not live, not create and not love, than he becomes no longer a man and he is soon displaced as the world hurries by without him.

Jack Grisham portrays a frontman, an author, a photographer, a raconteur, and a two-bit carny hypnotist. As the vocalist for T.S.O.L., the Joykiller, and the Manic Low, he’s released close to twenty full-length records and has toured most of the supposedly civilized world. Jack has been blamed for enlightening, and corrupting the moldable minds of our musical youth for years. As an author he’s released five books, all to mostly favorable reviews—critics say that Jack brings the horrible to life with such skill that at times you practically need to be sedated to read his prose. As an actor—besides the everyday bullshit that he spins, Grisham has appeared in many punk documentary and feature films. He plays himself well. If you need an out-of-control, semi-reformed, reprobate to thrill you with tales of punk rock debauchery, he’s your man. Jack stepped into the world of photography in 2016. He shoots people—portraits of those he can lure into his world. His work has been displayed in a few galleries of note and there are those that say he should give up music and literature and focus on the photographic arts—to be fair though, there are others that say he should ditch music and photography and still others that say he should dump it all. So go ahead, click on a few tabs—visit his books, his photos, his bands, his “This Sober Life” webcast, and when you want something that others don’t get click on the tab that’s just for you.